Artist Residency


Place: 18461 Weitenhagen / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Duration:  4 weeks (other period by agreement)


Accommodation: for free (a little help in the garden would be nice upon consultation or assumption of 20€/week for accruing utilities)


The artist can use a separate room in the house. Bathroom and kitchen can be used together. Internet is available for free. You can use the attic flor in the house for working space and there also is a fully fitted pottery workshop you can use as workingspace too.


Working materials and food: during the residency the artist needs to provide food and materials for her/his work by herself/himself. If you want to work with clay and use the kiln, it is possible by paying a fee.


Arrival & departure: in case you need help with the organisation of your journey we help you. If you travel by airplane/train we can pick you up at the near railway station "Buchenhorst". It is a direct connection from Berlin/Hamburg.



If you wish to apply for a residency in Weitenhagen, please send following documents per e-mail:


-     CV
-     Explanation about the project you wish to realize during the residency

      (approximately max 3  pages)
-     Overview, explanation of your recent work ( max. 5 pages)


There is no deadline for submissions. Please send your materials at any time you like to.