Artist in residence at NOVOPO Weitenhagen/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


Place: 18461 Weitenhagen / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Duration:  4 weeks (other period by agreement)

Accommodation: for free

(we charge a lump-sum for the costs of electricity, water etc. of 25€/week, which must be paied by the artist)

During the residency, the artists is provided with a living / studio space in the house. Bathroom & kitchen is for sharing. Internet access for free use is available. The residency is connected to a 2500m² property, which also offers opportunities to use the outdoor space. There is a small herb garden and a variety of fruit trees. Immediate behind the property begins the extensive forest.


Working materials and food: during the residency the artist needs to provide food and materials for her/his work by herself/himself.


Arrival & departure: in case you need help with the organisation of your journey we help you. If you travel by airplane/train we can pick you up at the near railway station "Buchenhorst" or "Velgast". It is a direct connection from Berlin/Hamburg.



If you wish to apply for a residency in Weitenhagen, please send following documents per e-mail:


-     CV
-     Explanation about the project you wish to realize during the residency

      (approximately max 3  pages)
-     Overview, explanation of your recent work ( max. 5 pages)


Inquiries for a residency are possible at any time. The allocation for the upcoming season will be decided at the beginning of the year.






Künstlerhaus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Artist Residency - Artists in Residence - Kunst - Natur
Autumn forest at NOVOPO studio space
Herbgarden at the residency
Herbgarden at the residency