International Artist in Residence Program


NOVOPO is a artist-run project launched by the artist and initiator Andrea Hildebrandt in 2012. Starting from the focus of the project work - the artistic / art theoretical investigation of our current understanding of nature in modern urban life situations, in the tension field to (supposedly) rural idyll and current socio-political processes, various artists were invited on the farm in Weitenhagen near the coast of the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The residency in Weitenhagen offers concentration and the possibility to deal with the local / spatial conditions in relation to urban structures / urban life. A place that creates the best conditions to reflect reality, to visualize artistic thinking processes.


Due to spatial bottlenecks, the project had to pause in 2014-2016.

In 2019 new rooms are available for the artists in residence program in Weitenhagen. It is possibly to offer accomodation and studio space in a separate house directly at the edge of the forest

Inquiries for a residency are possible at any time. The allocation for the upcoming season will be decided at the beginning of the year (around February / March). Since the location is a bit remote or not directly connected to the public transport system, it is advisable to travel by car.

Projects in relation to the spatial context are very welcome. Other artistic genres, such as musicians, authors, are also welcome to submit a project proposal. Interdisciplinary work can produce interesting synergy effects. The project sees itself as an open space - as an experimental field of artistic methods, utterances and analyzes. The project is at the interface between fine arts and art science.



2018 Begin of Collaboration with WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art Moscow

Update: Because of Putins war against the Ukraine, we stoped the collaboration with Winzavod/ Moscow.


As part of the cooperation with WINZAVOD CCA, the first artist exchange with Russia will take place from 2018. In June 2018, Berlin-based artist Ulrike Schmitz was the first artist to be able to travel to WINZAVOD / Moscow as Artist in Residence. The artistic collaboration promises interesting insights into Russian art, culture and society. 



The location of the artist residency is in NORD-VORPOMMERN in rural / provincial structures characterized by agricultural areas. Precisely - it is a region, where the relationship of people to landscape or nature is characterized by the centuries-long tradition of little farms agriculture and thus the cultivation of the once more or less intact cultivated landscape up to the destabilization of these today. By the increasing monocultural use of the land, by major industrial enterprises  and mass stables in modern times. Confrontation with the artistic work can lead to a sensitization of the viewer to the topic and the global contexts, to the reflection of our own perception, our understanding of nature and to new thinking processes and consciousness.


Artists Residency

Guest artists are invited to work for a limited time in Weitenhagen, in the coastal suburb of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, about 20 km south of the city Barth.


Please be aware, the residency is situated in a very rural area with no regular bus traffic. Best would be you travel by your own car, so that you are flexible during your residence. If you do not have a car it is not that easy to reach the supermarket and so on. Of course we can give you a lift, but it would be more relaxed for you to determine by your own when you want to leave for shopping and so on  We hav ea (old) bike you could use too. The next little village, where you can find supermarkets is around 7km distance using the road.






Studio and sleepingplace Nr. 1 (downstairs)

Studio and Sleepingplace Nr. 2 (upstairs)