Museeums / Galleries in the surrounding area


Museum Ahrenshoop

Weg zum hohen Ufer 36

18347 Ahrenshoop / Darss


Circus 1



Galerie Hartwich

Schulstrasse 5

18586 Sellin/Rügen


Kunsthalle Rostock

Hamburger Strasse 40

18069 Rostock




Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a versatile country. To the north it is bounded by the Baltic Sea coast with Fischland-Darss and the tourist centers Rügen and the island of Usedom.



Ostsee / Strand / Fischland-Darss

From Weitenhagen only 30 min. by car. Beautifull nature, lots of tourists and nice beaches.


Vorpommersche Waldlandschaft

Large woodland with conservation area. Haunt of the seldom eagle "Schreiadler".


Isle Rügen - Kreidefelsen - Caspar-David-Friedrich

The well known painter of the German Romanticism. For example he paintet a huge rock, located at the coast at the Isle Rügen. Today it is a tourist attraction.


Isle Usedom

The Isle Usedom with beautifull nature, white sand beaches and little village with a building style typical for spa and health resorts lat e19th / early 20th century.